Calling All Teachers: Earn Your CEU and PLU Credits Through UWA Online

CEU and PLU credits

Are you a teacher whose teaching certificate is about to expire? We want to share with you the opportunity to earn your CEU and PLU credits through UWA Online Continuing Education from the comfort of your own computer!

The UWA Online Continuing Education program is open to anyone, anywhere with access to a computer and an internet connection. One critical aspect of continuing education that our program focuses on is CEU and PLU credits for teachers. UWA Online Continuing Education is offering a variety of CEU and PLU courses that are 100% online-based. Because they are presented online, most classes are self-paced and can be completed in a month or less. Teachers can earn up to 50 CEU clock hours in one online class!

Our course offering is diverse enough to appeal to a selection of interests and needs. Classes include technology-driven courses like “There’s an App for That!” in which teachers will discover app-based tools that will help them in the classroom, and “Teach Like a Champion,” a PLU that studies techniques proposed to lead to higher student achievement and teacher efficacy.

Teachers who have earned their CEU and PLU credits through UWA Online can attest to the positive experiences they had in the program. Karen Mohr of Mobile County Public Schools describes taking “Teach Like a Champion:”

“Participating in the “Teach Like a Champion” PLU online course has been most beneficial.  First, this was a great way to explore Doug Lemov’s work.  The techniques were categorized in such a way that the book can easily be used as a resource to find a solution for a problem. 

It also offers excellent professional learning for both novice and master teachers.  The description of the techniques were concise, clear and applicable to most classes.  The video clips were excellent opportunities to view the techniques being implemented in classroom settings.

After participating in this online course, I will take away a more extensive understanding of effective instructional techniques.  I especially appreciate the focus on culture, trust and behavior in preparation for effective instruction.  I truly enjoyed the class and look forward to the next one!”

For a flexible and fun way to earn your CEUs and PLUs this year, check out what UWA Online Continuing Education has to offer!

For a full list of UWA Online CEUs and PLUs and course registration, click here.

To view our entire list of continuing education courses, visit!






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