Best Places to Grab a Bite to Eat in Livingston

In a country divided on an excess of issues, one thing that most of us can agree on is—we like to eat. When it comes to getting a palate-pleasing meal that is unlike any other, dining at a local eatery is the way to go. In Livingston, Alabama, we are fortunate to have a host of culinary gems that give us the opportunity to grab a great bite to eat.

Whether you have just moved to the area, are passing through or are looking for a new favorite, plan to try one (or all) of one of these great places to grab a bite to eat in Livingston! (Reviews courtesy of

  • Touch of Home Bakery
    • What: Homemade cakes, breads, pies and pastries are just the beginning. Each day offers a featured menu item, ranging from meats and threes to Italian favorites and more.
    • Where: 90 North Street
    • Why: “Great food, wonderful deserts and fresh homemade bread. This is an excellent country kitchen eatery. Generous portions make sure you don’t leave hungry.”
  • The Coffee Shop on Monroe
    • What: A cozy café serving coffee, tea, drinks, baked goods, wraps and sandwiches.
    • Where: 309 Monroe Street
    • Why: This is a great little small town coffee shop. They have many types and flavors of coffees. They also have a wonderful milkshake. They do offer some small menu food items. It is also a great place to get Wi-Fi, sit and play games, or just sit and read a book. Wonderful atmosphere and a treasure in a small town.”
  • Diamond Jim’s & Ms. Donna’s
    • What: Seafood, steaks and barbecue featuring recipes dating back to the late 1800’s.
    • Where: 440 Highway 28 West
    • Why: If you are looking for food that will bring back memories of you as a little child sitting at the table…this is the place to be. I live less than 10 miles from there. Every chance I get, I go there and eat. Everything is seasoned right from the twice-baked potato to the hot and juicy steak. You don’t need any A1 sauce for the steak; it’s just that good.”
  • Austin’s Steakhouse
    • What: Steak and chicken dinners, sandwiches and “The Best Hot Wings in Sumter County.”
    • Where: 306 Highway 28 West
    • Why: Austin’s is a friendly place with good food and popular with local residents. Staff and customers are friendly and welcome new faces and stories. The menu is varied and diverse. They are definitely worth a visit.”
  • Taste of India
    • What: Authentic Indian cuisine featuring an extensive menu that includes various types of curry, kabobs, vegetable and lamb specialties and more.
    • Where: 651 Highway 28 West
    • Why: “The best and most authentic Indian food that I’ve EVER had! Definitely go, and take all your friends! The staff are very pleasant, it is in a very convenient location being just off the highway. My favorite dish is a Vegetarian dish called Malai Kofta, but my friends (who order there at least twice a week) say everything on the menu is outstanding.”
  • Dandy Don’s
    • What: Known for its burgers, its slogan is, “Serving the finest fast food since 1980.”
    • Where: 116 N. Washington Street
    • Why: “If you’re in Livingston and you want a good cheeseburger, this is your place. Just a classic cheeseburger with all of the toppings. Meat is the perfect size and cooked really well. The bun is also really good. Everything about it was great. Not to mention, cheeseburger, fries, and a bottle of water cost ~$5. Great choice in Livingston.”

Hungry yet? Make plans to eat at one of these appetizing local establishments!

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