5 Reasons to Consider Continuing Education During the Summer

continuing education during the summer

Depending on their age and life stage, summer means different things to different people. When you are a kid in school, it can mean freedom from responsibility and days spent playing outside or swimming in the pool. When you are in college, summer is not entirely as carefree as when you were a kid, but you still get a sense of excitement for the season, even if you are working or taking classes. When you are an adult, summer may not mean any more to you than sweltering temperatures and a more expensive power bill to run the air conditioning. However, as life is generally a little more lax in the hottest season of the year, it’s a great idea to consider continuing education during the summer.

At The University of West Alabama Online, our Continuing Education eLearning program is ongoing throughout the summer and offers a variety of online courses that serve to both educate and entertain. Here are a few reasons why you should consider continuing education during the summer!

  • To get ahead. Continuing education eLearning is a great way to advance yourself in your career or your specific field of study. If you are in college, taking eLearning courses during the summer can help you get ahead on a certain topic or skill before your fall classes. If you are in the work force, continuing education during the summer can give you the career boost you need for the promotion or new position you have your eye on.
  • To start a hobby. Continuing education eLearning is not just for those looking to enhance their careers. We offer hobby-driven courses that exist simply to stretch your mind and entertain your brain. Check out our course list to see what your next hobby could be!
  • To give a gift. If you have a recent graduate in the family or know someone who just loves learning, continuing education during the summer can be a great gift idea. We offer gift certificates for our courses that are available for purchase on our website.
  • To set (and achieve) a goal in a set timeframe. In general, most of us think of summer as three months: June, July and August (though the weather in the South may feel like summer for longer). If you have been thinking about earning a certification or completing a course from UWA Online, summer is a great time frame to dedicate yourself to achieving that goal before the busy start of fall and the holiday season.
  • To beat the heat. What’s one of the great things about UWA’s continuing education eLearning courses? They are all online! That means you have an excuse to spend more time indoors in the air conditioning and less time sweating in the summer heat!

Whether you’re considering continuing education during summer—or any time of year—we encourage you to take a minute to see what we have to offer! Check out our course offerings, and register for courses at https://uwa.augusoft.net/.


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