5 Continuing Education Courses to Take in Retirement

continuing education courses to take in retirement

Some people may look at retirement and think about it being the end—the end of their careers, the end of their paychecks or the end of their middle-aged decades. Still others may think of it in a more positive light—as the end of their stressful nine-to-five schedules. In this sense, one can not only think of retirement as an end, but also as a new beginning. When you retire, you will have time to do things you did not have time to do when you were working every day of the week, such as spending time with family and friends, traveling or taking up a new hobby. Add continuing education to that list! With your newfound free time in retirement, you may be looking for a productive way to spend it, and keeping your mind sharp with lifelong learning is a great way to do so. At UWA Online, we offer a variety of continuing education courses to take in retirement that  appeal the person eager to keep learning.

Here are five continuing education courses to take in retirement available through UWA Online.

  1. Personal Stress Reduction 3561: The name says it all. In this independent-study course, participants will acquire healthy methods of coping with stress by learning how to identify sources of stress in their lives. The course will identify what stress is and what causes it, the connection between the mind, body and spirit, relaxation techniques including exercise, color and light therapy and others and how to change perspectives to relax the body and mind. Cost: $195. Learn more here.
  2. Computer Fundamentals 3122: Have trouble with computer basics? This course will cover common functions associated with using computers. Students will get an overview of operating system fundamentals, as well as computer and network technology. Other topics covered in Computer Fundamentals 3122 will include working with software, the operating system and troubleshooting. The course will be taught by certified Microsoft instructor, Kenneth Mayer and does not require the purchase of any supplementary materials. Cost: $159. Learn more here.
  3. Living Online 3184: In a world that is consistently relying on higher and higher technologies to function, being internet-savvy can make everyday life much easier. Living Online 3184 will teach participants how to use online tools such as web browsers, email, search and more. The course will also cover networking technology, identity protection online and in general, how to communicate more fluidly in today’s world. Cost: $159. Learn more here.
  4. Create Stunning Digital Photographs 3459: Thinking about taking up photography in retirement? This could be the course for you! This entertaining and informative course serves to offer an introduction to digital photography including fundamentals like composition, lighting, exposure and more. The course will also cover portrait photography, photographing in the outdoors, night shooting, wedding and event photography, landscape photography, animal photography and even underwater portraits. Obtain a range of digital photography skills with Create Stunning Digital Photographs 3459! Cost: $195. Learn more here.
  5. Going Green 3500: Learn simple and budget-friendly ways to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle in Going Green 3500. Students will learn how to minimize their impacts on the planet by identifying small changes they can make in their everyday lives that will improve both individual health and the well-being of society as a whole. The independent study course will cover what it means to be green, smart consumption habits and how to implement green lifestyle choices. Reduce your carbon footprint with Going Green 3500! Cost: $195. Learn more here.

These continuing education courses to take in retirement can not only provide you a productive way to spend your time when you are no longer working, but they can also enrich your life by teaching you new and valuable skills that will have a positive impact on both yourself and the people around you. Enjoy retirement with UWA Online Continuing Education!

These continuing education courses to take in retirement are non-credit courses that are open to anyone, anywhere with access to a computer and an internet connection. See what else UWA Online Continuing Education has to offer today at www.uwa.edu/ce!

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