10 Great Gifts for College Grads

gifts for college grads

May is a day away, and that means that graduation is on the horizon for college students across the country—including the University of West Alabama! As students trade in their class-going garb for caps and gowns, loved ones and friends are looking for ways to celebrate their soon-to-be grad’s achievements—beyond just a hug and a cheer as they walk across the graduation stage. If you are looking to honor your favorite college graduate this month, check out UWA Online’s list of great gifts for college grads!

  • Gift cards. These colorful plastic pieces are a go-to gift for many for good reason. Your grad can pick out exactly what he or she likes, but you can avoid gifting straight cash, which may end up being spent on your grad’s celebratory food and bar tabs (rather than a tangible, memorable item).
  • Investment money. Gifting your grad stocks or other forms of investments is a great way to give him or her something to fall back on financially. It’s also something your grad would probably not have thought of doing off the bat right out of college, so it puts her or him ahead of the game.
  • Help with a down payment. Moving from the dorms or college apartment to an adult living situation may not be something your grad can afford right away, but by pitching in on a home down payment or offering to pay first month’s rent, you may be able to skip the step of having him or her move back home right after graduation.
  • Home goods. Leaving college means also time to leave the posters and hand-me-down couches behind for more sophisticated furnishings. From kitchen tables to vacuum cleaners, you can help your college grad by gifting practical items for use in his or her new living environment.
  • Professional clothing. A solid professional wardrobe is a must-have for any college graduate entering the career force. Staples like suits, heels and loafers and even a briefcase or work bag can help create a polished look for your grad to take to interviews.
  • Resume service. You grad’s resume will need to stand out from competitors when securing those interviews, and a professional resume service can help that happen. A paid resume service can create updated and contemporary documents to ensure that a resume lives up to today’s standards.
  • Smartphone or tablet. An updated smartphone or tablet can also help your grad seamlessly enter the professional world by equipping him or her with the latest technology. It is critical for today’s job applicants to be technologically savvy and connected, so having these tools on hand can help your grad excel in those areas.
  • A one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork is a gift that your grad will cherish and that he or she will be able to appreciate day in and out. You can purchase a painting or sculpture or if you are the artistic type, consider creating one of your own.
  • Your grad’s new career could take him or her anywhere, so a new set of sharp-looking luggage can be a useful and luxurious gift. If your grad is moving far away from home, gifting luggage that he or she wants to use could be incentive for a visit more often!
  • A trip. The interim period of time between college graduation and a person’s first day in an adult job is the ideal time to travel. Congratulate your grad for all of his or her hard work by planning a trip to the place you know her or she has always wanted to visit!

Ultimately, as your graduate steps off the graduation stage and into the real world, advice and support is the best gift you could offer. However, any one of these great gifts for college grads could be a welcomed bonus to say, “Congrats!”

Though UWA students are graduating soon, UWA Online Continuing Education has courses that are ongoing throughout the summer and fall! Check our course offerings here: https://uwa.augusoft.net/.

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