10 Computer Skills Employers Want You to Know

Computer Skills

We live in an increasingly technological world, and even if your dream job is not rooted in computers, there are a few essential computer skills that you should have a firm grasp on regardless of what you are doing. Your competence with computers makes you more marketable as an employee and assures employers that you are in touch with technology. When making your next resume, keep in mind these 10 computer skills employers want you to know.

Word Processing

It may seem simple, but it is important to have a firm grasp on the world of word processing. This includes programs like Microsoft Word, which allow you to start a basic document, add text, use spell check, create tables, insert graphics and create and alter headers. Within Microsoft Word, you should also be familiar with formatting like bold, italic, underline, etc.


Employees who can fluidly use spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel are in high demand. If you are new to Excel, taking a beginner’s course could make a world of difference in teaching you how to use formulas, references and macros within spreadsheets.


Having a solid grasp of how to create engaging and organized digital presentations can give you a leg up when it comes to landing a job. Consider programs like PowerPoint and Prezi, which use a combination of copy, graphics and other visual elements to create a unified presentation that clearly and creatively communicates your message.

Graphics and Design

With everyone acting as a photographer in the age of the smartphone, editing photos is something that has extended to a wider demographic. Knowledge of PhotoShop and design programs like InDesign and Adobe Illustrator are valued assets in an increasing number of today’s top positions.


Not only should you be familiar with email on web-based platforms like Gmail or Yahoo!, but you should also know how to manage emails that are set up via different software programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Zoho or Thunderbird. Know the basics and explore the distinct features of each of these programs.

Social Media

While this may be more relevant to some jobs more than others, many businesses ask employees to help promote them through their own personal social media accounts. Whether you are managing your business’ social media accounts or promoting your business through your own, knowing how to use programs like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ can make you look better to your potential employer.

Content Management Systems

Having an attractive web presence as a business is more important now than it has ever been before. Therefore, employees who can create, maintain and update websites through content management systems like WordPress, Dreamweaver and HTML are very useful to employers.

Shared Drives

Most companies require employees to exchange files via a shared drive or cloud drive like Dropbox because it is more convenient for accessing content, quicker and safer to keep documents stored. You should be familiar with how a shared drive works and know how to get information from your computer’s hard drive to a shared drive folder.

Accounting Software

Especially if you will be in an administrative or accounting role, your employer will want you to be familiar with programs like QuickBooks. In addition to accounting, QuickBooks is used for payroll, invoicing, record-keeping and more.

Privacy Protection

Demonstrating knowledge of how to keep your digital assets safe can help your employer instill faith in you as a valuable employee asset. Privacy protection can include recognizing spam and avoiding it, using password management systems knowing how to verify that a site is encrypted and so on.

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